Save money on your mortgage

At Interfinancial, we believe that you should never have to pay more than necessary for your mortgage. By switching lenders when you reach the end of any incentive period you may be able to save money on a monthly basis over the term of your mortgage. Not only do we consider the products available with your current lender but we can also offer you some ‘Mortgage Broker Exclusive‘ deals that are not directly available on-line or on the high street.

Advice on remortgaging

 If you are looking to remortgage to raise additional funds to carry out home improvements, consolidate debts, or to buy a second property then we can advise you on the best route to take. If you are simply looking to save money on a remortgage contact us today in Market Drayton, Telford and Shrewsbury.

Taking careful steps

 Always think carefully before securing or consolidating debts against your home by way of a remortgage . Consolidating debts by remortgaging may be more affordable each month in the short term but may cost you more overall in the long term as the mortgage loan repayments are spread over a longer period. We can assist you with this decision making process